Quick Start

Set up your Eats Menu in 3 easy steps

Before you set up your store, please have the following prepared:

A Facebook Business Page. If you don’t have one, you may create a free one here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create

One square photo for each menu item.

A square profile photo or logo of your restaurant. For continuity it’s a good idea to use the same photo used as your Facebook Business Page profile picture.

Update your Store Settings

Set your store settings via the

tab in the admin console.


Fill out as much information as possible. Don’t forget to connect to your Facebook business page using the [connect to FB] button in the top right corner.

Create your Menu

Create your menu via the

tab in the admin console.


Set product prices before tax. You can set product options via the [+option] button. Remember to save your menu item.

Create your Menu

Publish your menu by clicking the

[publish menu]
button in the top right corner of the admin panel.


Each time you update your restaurant settings or add a new menu item, click the [publish] or [publish menu] button to update your Menu in Messenger.

Orders tab

Manage your customer’s orders using the [orders tab] in the admin console. Below: an example customer order.

left column:
customer info

click the messenger icon to chat directly with the customer by messenger.

click the phone icon to call them (if a phone number has been provided).

the bottom icons are customer tags. If this is blank then the customer has not been tagged in the [customers] tab.

center column:
order info

Item name, customisations, total price and payment options are easily viewed.

right column:
order status

toggle the Prepared tab when the meal has been prepared.

toggle the Order Fulfilled tab when the entire order has been fulfilled (i.e. picked up or delivered).

Cancel Order cannot be undone.

Customers tab

Detailed info on all customers who have viewed your Eats menu, even those who have not yet ordered.

customer groups

toggle between All customers and pre-defined customers groups like “Top Customers”, “New Today”, etc.

click on the icon grid at the bottom of the column to fine-tune customer groups. Note that this will be empty until you start editing customer tags found in the customer details section (2).

customer details

customers can be searched by name.

click the Messenger icon to start a conversation with the customer directly.

click “edit” under the Tags column to add pre-defined tag(s) to help manage customers.

customer tags

manage pre-defined customer tags.

Coupons tab

Manage your customer’s orders using the [orders tab] in the admin console. Below: an example customer order.

coupon title:
an internal title, not seen by your customers.
coupon code:
this is the code your customers will enter to use the coupon.
coupon units:
the type of discount available, either (%) or ($). Note that the coupon is applied to the total order, so use the (%) option wisely!
discount amount:
enter a percentage or dollar value. For dollar amounts please enter 1 for $1, or 1.5 for $1.50
number available:
the amount of coupons available. Once all coupons are used, the code will become inactive.
valid from:
when your coupon becomes active.
valid until:
when your coupon expires.
be sure to save your coupon before publishing.
pauses your coupon.
permanently deletes your coupon.
Publish Coupon:
after pausing, deleting, or creating a new coupon, be sure to click the [Publish Coupon] button to go live with your updates or changes.

Settings tab

Set-up and manage your store settings

google maps link:
if you haven’t done so already, it’s a good idea to use Google my Business to add your restaurant info to Google Maps. You can also add a direct link (your Facebook messenger link) to direct customers to your takeout page from Google Maps.

See this page for more info: https://support.google.com/business/answer/6174435

add your staff by email address. Note that, as admins, they will be able to view orders, change store settings, create coupons, update your menu, etc., so only add people you trust.
Operating Hours Override:
click the [Close Restaurant] button to temporarily close your restaurant regardless of operating hours. To reopen, you’ll have to click the button again.